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Probably some dumb questions but still new and clarifying a couple things.

Currently I am running a cycle of:

1-12 MK2866
1-12 GW501516

13-16 Clomid 50/25/25/25
13-16 GW501516

I'm about to add in MK677.

I know i can run this one year round and plan to. Question is after my cycle/PCT do I need to take a break from the GW?? Can I run it year round too as its not supressive?

If I take them year round do I know i should take a 3-4 week break at some point to give my receptors a break but do i have to take a break from them both at the same time or can I Example. take a mini break from GW and stay on MK677 then a few weeks later start back on GW and take my mini break from MK and then continue to run the rest of the year or do I need to be completely off them both at some point?
no you cannot run gw year round... it should only be ran 16 weeks at a time.. you will desensitize yourself to it
From what I have heard, mk 677 does not need a break during your 1 year run. As for needing a break after the 1 year mark, I am not entirely sure. I have known people who have run it 2 years straight with no problem.

I would definitely take at least 4 weeks off gw before running it again. Like Dylan said, it will become less effective if you don't take a break from it
Sweet thanks for the input. So I can run GW 16 weeks at a time. Is a 4 week break after long enough or should I take longer?

MK677 I will start and run year round. When should I take a break and for how long?

Can I use one to bridge the breaks in the other or do I need to be off EVERYTHING at some point?
4 weeks off gw is fine... you can go 1-2 years with 677 then i would break about 8 weeks and then start again... you run a cycle, you take 4 weeks off then start again but you can continue 677 throughout... you need a break at some point man
Cool. I'll start the MK677 soon to add to the current cycle. I'll run a year and then evaluate from there since that's so far out. Appreciate the input.
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