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So I have just completed week 9 of MK 2866/Ostabolic from Sarmsx at 25 mg/day. I have gained a decent amount of size (about 10 pounds but that is not all lean mass, I loosened up on what I would eat to make sure I could get my caloric surplus every day). A ton of strength gains, increased weights on almost every exercise with the same form and reps or even with increased reps. Very pleased with the gains on just mk2866. Would I be leaving a lot on the table if I stopped here at 9 weeks? The reason I ask if outlined below.

I see the standard cycle recommended is 12 weeks on most sarms, but I am itching to do a summer cycle, so I wanted to get opinion on stopping ostabolic with today's dose, go into mini pct tomorrow (4 weeks gw and clomid) then a 2, maybe 3 week break (maybe continue the GW into the start of the next cycle).

My next cycle I would like to run LGD 4033 and S4, the goal being to continue gaining weight and muscle mass, while hoping the S4 will help keep the visual appearance of muscle hardness and improved vascularity during those summer months, ;).

So my next several months would be:

1-4 Mini Pct - Clomid (50/25/25/25) and GW 501516 20 mg/day
5-6 - GW 501516 20 mg/day
7-8 - GW 501516 20 mg/day
7-18 - LGD 4033 - 10 mg/day
7-18 - S4 - 50 mg/day split dose 25 mg a.m., 25 mg 4-6 hours later (test increasing dose after 2 weeks by 10 mg increments until sides are noticeable, then back down the dose to the highest dose without significant sides)
15-18 - Tongkat Ali or DAA or both depending on what I have left
19-22 - Mini Pct - Clomid (50/25/25/25) and GW 501515 20 mg/day

So, the idea is to continue GW past post cycle and almost like helping to kick start the next cycle with the endurance properties before the LGD and S4 begin to kick in. I did not take GW during the ostabolic cycle so total time on GW would be 8 weeks.

Let me know what you think of my ideas/cycle and if you would change out anything for my goal of bulking with the most aesthetic look I can maintain during that process.

Thanks and sorry about the longer post,


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you can do that... s4 and lgd is the best duo you can run... i am good with you using gw the way you are as well... looks good to me bro except one thing i would consider is adding rad140 to the stack, especially considering what your goals are... other than that, everything looks great


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Thanks Dylan! I haven't done my homework on rad140 so I will go check out your video on that. Thanks for reading through my protocol and helping me make sure i am doing things fairly intelligently.