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Hi I am from pakistan taking clen since 4 days first ever cycle of any drug dose is 20 mg first 2 days than 30mg now 40mg ...can I use it for 2 weeks 40 mg dose not more than that with a fat burner Lipo 6 and L carnitine .if not than please suggest fat loss cycle or drug for me i have 86kg weight and some good muscle mass just need get rid of extra fat body fat is around 21%
Good lord... I would stay away from clen bro. If your bf % is >20%, you need cardio & diet. That’s it.
you can use whatever you feel brother but i dont advise clen to anyone.. ive turned down paying clients who wanted me to advise them clen use...
Bro I'd get rid of that shit. Sarms are going to be a far safer effective option for fat loss. That's what I recommend
Clen is an old school way of trying to lose fat and honestly there are much better options now. Look into Cardarine and SR-9009. They don't have the nasty side effects that clen does. I would never use that shit again.......heartburn, insomnia, headaches, high BP, heart strain, crushes cardio, acid reflux, racing heart, the shakes, muscle cramps.......the list goes on and on.
Clen is a shitty drug. There are much better options and they have been mentioned above but your diet is what needs the most work

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i hope you are listening closely here brother.. its fairly unanimous on clen not being something recommended
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