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Older age limit to do steroids without risking your health


New member
hi guys, is there a certain age that you shouldn't do steroids? I'm 50 and would like to do a cycle to gain some mass and hardness , I don't know if the older you get the risk of health hazard is higher if you take juices, please advice me on a good cycle to reach my goal, thanks.


V.I.P - Pro Bodybuilder
Actually I think that the older you are the more you need them. If you are an old guy and you can't gain muscle and you don't have libido, you might as well use the steroids and feel better and NOT worry about health risk that could or could not happen in a dozen years. The older guys above 50yrl all need to be juicing.


VIP Moderator
Actually, if you use steroids wisely, it will be very beneficial for a 50 years old guy. Just make sure you don't have any serious pre-existing health issues, and use moderate dosages of steroids. You will see how the overall feeling will improve, your libido will be like in the young years, and you will have an easier time working out. Remember, as you age, you start losing natural testosterone, so by this age your natural test levels are very low, and by taking steroids you will recover the good levels of the hormone. All in all - as long as you keep things within reason, you will be greatly benefited by the steroids.