Nutrition question please


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What’s up guys glad to be back . This may seem like a super dumb question. But again no such thing as one.

I just got off a Tbol 50mg daily , tren a 75mg daily, Test E 250mg weekly split in 2 and Primo 700mg weekly. Total length 16 weeks

TestE: 250mg weekly M and Thurs injections
Primobolan: 700mg weekly ED 100g injections
TBol 50mg daily -8 weeks

Week 9-16

TestE: 250mg weekly M and Thurs injections
Primobolan: 700mg weekly ED 100g injections
Tren ace 75mg daily
Winstrol 50mg daily

Aromasin 12.5 2 x weekly
Prami .50 ES thru Tren Ace

Been crushing for over 3 years
Cruise dose 175MG test cyp weekly
Primo 500MG weekly
Aromasin 12.5 Wednesday’s

I have gotten ripped and shredded like never before . Body fat went from 12% to 5-6% insane look almost competitive look.

My question is i and i understand the gains will be up to keep as it all comes down to my training and my nutrition.

I am currently eating 2500 calories a day.
Weight training- Monday thru Sunday one muscle a day.
Cardio 2 hours everyday . 1 hour post workout and 1 hour 5 hrs after at night
Abs- everyday , full 6-8 pack out completely.

My big and dumb not so dumb question is tank g into account that my training regime has not changed but instead i have even added an extra hour of cardio daily to my trainings.

How would you guys go about the whole caloric intake. I am currently eating 2500, however burning approximately 1600 Calories a day from weight lifting and the 2 hours cardio done daily.

Am I under eating keeping in mind i am burning 1600 calories and my intake daily is between 2400-2600?

I want to maintain the same appearance and look. This cycle was over a month ago. I just started craving carbs a lot more and that’s why i had to add an hour more of cardio.

Current weight 155 BF 5.5-6%
Height 5’8
Age 33 male

Do you guys think i am over eating or maintain the below as I just started it Monday the 1st.

Protein: 285g

45% protein
38% carbs
17% fats

Total calories

Do the calories i intake get taken off from the calories burned ? That’s the main part i am confused about .

Thank you guys !!


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you are just going to have to do some trial and error man.. especially when steroids are involved, its a lot more difficult to judge etc because of the effects they can have... ive done things that scientifically are just not even remotely possible and still added size doing crazy amounts of cardio... things i would actually myself say are not possible but everyone is different especially when we are talking about steroids being involved