Now Brock Lesnar? WTF


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So I saw a story that Brock Lesnar has failed a drug test wtf is going on with these clowns. Mark Hunt said this is the 3rd time he has fought someone that has been hot on a test and if they don't do something he is done with UFC, LOL
I thought he had a 3 month exemption or something along those lines and hunt knew there was a possibility that he was juiced...not sure of the stipulations tho
I am not so sure he actually failed a test. Last I heard is there was speculation about anti doping and they were looking into it

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It clearly looked like he was on not just test. However they claimed he was tested 5 times before test so I do not know how this was missed prior to the test.
Money. That's why it was "missed". And I like lesnar's interview before he fight. "Get over it, I'm a jacked white boy". Hahaha. Always a juicer

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Bump Rick, it was allegedly doping.

Bump Saiyan, that whole fight was a about onnnnnnnnnnnnly money. Brock made $, the UFC/Dana White made $, Vince Mc Mahon makes $, the sponsors make $, annnnnnnnnd the sport suffers.

And I can see Hunt's point that he got screwed BUT he got paid a shit load more to lose to Brock than he would have to be in a pre-lim against some jobber.
Everyone knows Brock is on gear, pretty shitty and unfortunate for mark hunt but that's how sports tend to work and of course it was all about the money
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