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Hello Dylan ,

I was recently watching some of your informative videos and you seem like a good source of information. My question is this, I’m 6’3” 155lbs, I workout 3-5 days a week. I’m new to the world of cycles, and was told to go with dbol. Well after some research including your “dbol facts” video I’ve noticed a lot of confusing and a lot of times wrong info on the web. You seem to know what you’re talking about, could you help me out? I’d prefer to stay away from needles but could manage some use of them if it’s not everyday. I’m just looking for size, I hate being skinny & scrawny. I can get cut very easily, but can’t put on any weight. If you could recommend me something or help point me in the right direction I’d sure appreciate it.
Thank you , merry Christmas!


Don't do an oral only cycle. You need a test base which means injections.

Without test or any PCT you would just lose your gains as soon as you finish your cycle, it's not worth it.

If you add test, depends on dosage, you would only need to inject twice a week.

For example if you did 500mg per week, inject 250 on a monday and 250 on a thursday, in your glutes as it's the less painful in my experience if you hate needles.

But I wouldn't even do steroids at all at your weight, but if you're someone who chooses to ignore that and just going to do them anyways then you have to get used to needles.
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At 6’3” are WAY too undersized for ANY steroid use...
you can do some serious damage to your tendons and ligaments..
you don't have the proper foundation built..bone and muscle frame work just won't support it

you need to learn how to eat right and train a proper foundation FIRST

steroids are not for building a foundation or getting in shape..
they are properly used to enhance an already superior physique
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You haven't even come close to building a proper natural foundation, which you must have before anyone will recommend a cycle to you. You need to learn how to eat and train for gains. Besides that you never run orals without test, and test only is always the first cycle


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Here is your exact cycle to fallow

Lots of food and weight gainer protein shakes fallowed by consistent time a week In the gym no PCT needed lol


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Yes that was a typo , pretty funny I read it like 3-4 times before catching it. 175 @ 6’2or3 . From originally sending this to Dylan, which he made into a thread from a email. I have done a good bit of research into the topic. It seems 400-500mg of test c, for a first run seems ideal. And too only run test the first time to see what side affects I may have and be able to narrow it down pretty easy.. The pct seems to be about the most important part. I plan to do blood work while going through the cycle and after to watch my levels. There seems to be about three things I need to take after the cycle to not lose the gains and stay healthy and at my peak. I’m pro dirt bike racer, so don’t think I’m out of shape and my body is going to be able to handle some stress. Lol sorry for the typo and confusion. Basically I’ve got the basics understood, and am now trying to indulge all info I can for a proper pct. sorry if I don’t reply fast, I’m very busy and along with training and riding, I work overtime every week at a very physically demanding job. Oh I almost forgot, fuck Dianabol lol 😂


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yeah brother, even at 175 you are undersized to be using steroids... you should be 200 minimum at 6'3...