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Hello all. I'm new to forums. 46 yrs old. Have cycled for years with Sustanon only. Lost my reliable source. Have lurked in forums for days and this one seemed like the best for advice on a lagit source. Have never ordered from a web site. Obviously their are tons of fakes. Reviews are mixed and impossible. I know how the legit stuff makes me feel and got great results. Safety is my main goal! Thanks in advanced for any help!
Thanks for the reply! I'm thinking this is the rout I want to go. Any idea how long it would take these days to ship to Md?
It depends on what warehouse you order from to be honest. The US domestic options will be the fastest, of course, but global postal logistics have been affected to varying degrees by the pandemic, and door to door international shipping can now take several weeks.
1 stop domestic shop has you covered for top notch quality gear and its domestic.

Great service and fast turnaround

Theres 3 sources there to choose from as well.

Send me a pm and I'll get you a price list
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