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I am fully committed to running my first cycle.

26 YO with 6+ years of training.

As you all have probably felt before your first cycles, I am nervous about the gear going into my body. I have done as much research as I could in the past two years before fully committing to running the cycle. I plan on running Test E for 12 weeks at 300 a week with nolva and clomid for PCT.

My question is this... I have read mixed reviews on almost all online sites for gear. I do not have a local person to provide me with these so I will have to order on line. I don't care about price, I just care about clean, good quality stuff. I will list some of the sources I have researched.. If anyone could PM with very reliable sources I would be very grateful. Also, this is my first post and the main reason for coming here so if I am crossing boundaries, please let me know. Thanks guys.


I also have read in multiple places that eroids is full of fake reviews. Is this true? Can any sources from eroids be trusted?
Why don't you just hang out on the forum, participate, and you find plenty of sources here on the forum. Leave that eroids bullshit alone.
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