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Hey everyone ,
Just wanted to quick say hello and introduce myself. My names Luke and I’m from Canberra, Australia.
(Man that kinda sounded like I was joining AA or something haha)

Anyhow totally new to sarms and from what I can read so far I’m definitely interested. I’ve been trying to put some size on for the past 2 years and it seems impossible. Strength has increased but size, not so much. Body fat % is at 13-15 depending on what scan I have done.

Hoping I can get some advice and help along the way. I’m currently reading the sources section trying to find a good supplier in Australia but so far have only learned that elite sarms it rubbish and that I probably shouldn’t ask for sources in public as unfortunately they are a banned substance.

If anyone could message me a link to a thread or give any advice on Aussie suppliers that would be amazing. Thanks Luke
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Cheers mate, looking forward to starting my first stack of sarms. First to do a bit of reading on here