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Hi, I'm new here (obviously). I've been a gym rat for 15+ years now and on/off cycles thru out. Ive learned a lot making my own mistakes & learning from others.

155 Right now, usually 170-180
6% BF
15+ Years of training, little breaks here & there.
Sus, deca, eq & first 4 weeks of dbol is my favorite cycle so far. I've tried just about everything except hgh. My last cycle was last summer, ended in Sept when I broke my neck in an unrelated accident. Haven't been able to lift at all since. My Dr finally released me to get back in the gym on Jan 1st so I'm getting a cycle ready to start once I'm 4 weeks into the gym every day like I was prior to the accident. My PCT is much different than most; I had a pituitary tumor (removed 11 years ago) so my body doesn't produce enough test. I'm on permanent trt 300-400/week off cycle.

For 2019 I'm going to get my body back to the condition it was in before my accident (180, 5%bf)

The only supplements I use are pre workout, glutamine, protein & occasionally creatine.

My nutrition is typically 30-50g protein each meal 200-300/day & 3k-5k calories depending on cycle, goal, etc..
I've recovered from injuries in the past, I know my body well enough by now to know what cycles work for me bulking & cutting. I am looking to try something new as well. I may bite the bullet and do hgh 4-6 weeks after this cycle ends, who knows.. I do weekly labs on cycle, monthly off cycle to monitor all hormones.

I've been lurking a few forums for years, this is the first I've joined and hoping to meet people that take this seriously, this community seems to so here I am!
copying this over from another thread but I think I should post it here too

I have been really into nutrition for about 7 years.
Counted calories in 2013 while training for a fire Crew at high elevation
Taught me a lot about how I respond to certain macro ratios.
My gains were comprimised by too much cardio though.
I was younger then and kind of an animal.
I was running about 70 miles per week when doing a PPL split transitioned into a Dumbell full body split every 3 weeks.
Did this for 5 months.
I was shredded in the single digits BF%.
Went down to the crew base way lower towards sea level and blew the dust off of those young ones.
It was a wonderful and busy season..

Anyway, I'm getting off track here.
Thank you for the info, Buddah!
I'm going on a TRT regimen and really hope to get back to my former self.
I keep a log of my workouts and focus on progressive overload with de-loading phases at 5 weeks.
Rippitoe's starting strength has been helpful.
I think I am going to count calories again just to get back on track.

I think I'm going to pick up some WPI (I use bone broth mostly as I am modified paleo but WPI is sop effective for me post workout), some BCAAs, and I have a freezer full of protein sources. A good amount of wildcrafted meat to (donations from my hunter friends). I get down on a lot of sweet potatos and eat fish (mostly sardines-good ones) enough to where I dont feel the need to supp fish oil. I do however supp vit D because I have been a little deficient. I take a whole food multi that has 5,000 ius of Vit D. It is the same brand where I get my bone broth from (when I dont make it). Luckily, I grabbed an instant pot and it changed the game for my meal prep.

Once more
Im 40ish
very low body fat.
endurance focused athlete focusing more on strength training.
going to begin a trt regimin.. Dr suggest 200mg t cyp 1/wk w arimidex and HCG.
I wanted to toss in some MK677 (I have had good results) and daily Cialis for its many benefits.
I have a muscle wasting issue right now and the Dr. actually told me he likes MK as a add on.
The sides from it are a bit annoying though.
Makes my hands numb AF in the morning but I sleep like the dead.
It makes me HUNGRY AF!! but that is a side that I use to my advantage.
My low T kills my appetite and the debilitaitng apathy it causes makes me not want to cook, eat or have sex.
Ugh, I am ready to supplement and get back on track.
Hope I did not go out of bounds with this post in any way.
I like constructive criticism and any suggestions and/or questions are appreciated.
Thank you for reading this novella.
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