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40 yr old male
5”8, 220 lbs
BF about 18/20%
Training 23 yr
1st cycle was test prop and eq.
To be honest it was 5 yr ago and I don’t remember dosing but was quite mild.
2nd cycle was 10 months ago.
Test prop, Masteron, deca
200,200,150 2x week
PCT- nova 40,40,20,20,5

My goals are to cut bf% down but not get to bulky. I’m a baseball player and want to keep strong but leaned out slightly. My diet is 7/10. As summer closed on its 8-9/10.
I’m looking at next cycle to include:
Test, Masteron, just thst simple. I have a variety of different dowse opinions and also PCT opinions. Including HCG, Armoitase, etc. I’m looking for some guidance as last cycle, libido has tanked.
I greatly appreciate any input, recommendations with this issue.
Thanks in advance
FNG introduction!

What's up guys? Glad I found this place. Seems to be a TON of info just in the few min I have browsed around. I am prior military, so lean muscle was always the objective. Now that I'm 28 and trying to avoid the dad bod, I'm looking to put on some size. Possibly interested in competing in the future, but we have a ways to go. I am no stranger to the gym, but running gear is a whole new world to me. I have tried to educate myself as much as possible, but some things just aren't very cut and dry. I have already found a deep respect for the lifestyle, and hope to make a few friends on my journey to transformation. Currently I am 6'5" weighing in at approximately 270lb. Not a total blob yet but I'm guessing my bmi to be around the 20-30% range. This isn't some new years resolution for me. I am looking to change my life, whatever it takes. Glad to meet you all and look forward to any and all helpful information.

I understand that nutrition is important. I am currently planning my diet and gathering the things I need to begin proper meal preping

No past cycles

Only injuries I have had are to my right knee. Knee reconstruction with a cadaver acl. Haven't had any issues with it since.

If I missed something, please feel free to ask. You guys are the experts here. I'm just hoping to learn along the way.

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Hi community I’m new here, I been watching Dylan videos for awhile on YouTube, I been on TRT for a year it has change my life, my levels where low according to the Dr. 210 and I was miserable. He put me on T C at 0.8ml/200mg at week once a week, I rapidly start feeling like other person (better mood, sex drive, i have more energy).
I have appointments with the Dr and hemoglobin was high so it was estrogen he put me on Anastrozole and tell me to go and donate blood.
My levels of testosterone are constantly going up and right now my dosage is as fallow:
TC 1.2ml/200mg twice a week
Arimidex, I got to learn how my budy react to and base of that I adjust my intake of arimidex sometimes I just cut the pill in half 12 to 24 hours after injection, sometimes s I take full pill.
I recent just finish my first cycle of T only I did 350 a week and i notice a good gains overall I was happy with the results, PCT consist only with my normal dosage of TC I been doing for the past 6 months.

I’m 38 year old
230lbs at 5’7”
Body Fat 13-15%
I been training since 18 Years Old
Nutrition, I eat 5 to 6 meals a day, proteins mainly (hole eggs, fish, meat and chicken) carbs complex( red potatoes, sweet potatoes, white and brown rice) veggies and fruits, mainly broccoli, tomatoes, avocado, apples.
My goal to keep improving my physique while been safe and healthy.
Looking forward to learn more from this community.
Sorry for my grammar and my English.
I'm new on the forum. Still trying to get the hang of navigating the site. Thanks for the words.
If you download Tapatalk for your phone or tablet and follow ISarms it really makes navigating more enjoyable.
If you download Tapatalk for your phone or tablet and follow ISarms it really makes navigating more enjoyable.
I've had bad success with Napsgear lately. Could I get the connection for Pharma lady. Much appreciated

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New on the forum. Still trying to navigate properly. but im getting there fast. I've been watching Dylan's vlog on Youtube. It's been very insightful. Im 54 and have been working out for right at 5 years. h 5'10 w165 body fat 15%. My goal is to put on about 20lbs of lean muscle.
If I only have one sarms to choose from for multiple goals primarily for knee injury

Hi there everyone,

I had a knee injury that required surgery a yr ago. 85% of my meniscus was removed. I had delaminated cartilage in both my femur and tibula. The Dr tried to smooth it out and removed arthritis.

I have been feeling down from the loss of income which I need to take care of my family so I decided to start training again to get my test back up and my drive to move forward.

Just one month has my mood and outlook moving in a positive direction already.

My main goal is to heal my injury. Secondary goals are to lose weight and gain strength to conquer my goals and take care of my family. I have two young boys that need my guidance and I want to be an example to them.

Before finding this page I concidered trying anabolics but with the huge cost of doing it correctly it seems that sarms might be a better solution. I have been reading and watching videos from this site that nutrobol and osterine are a good stack for healing. I find it difficult at the moment with the costs of a stack but I might be able to start with one substance for the time being.

When I started working out I thought i would not be able to do much heavy leg exercises. I started doing 150 lbs on the leg press. I am now doing close to 800 lbs!

These are my max lifts on the third set:
Leg Press 780lbs x 8
Matrix Leg Curl. 145bs x 8
Matrix Bicep Curls 110 x 8

Bench press 235lbs
Iso lateral bench 160 x8
Super incline 160 x8
Shoulder press 190 lbs x 8 goal 200
Matrix Pec flys 295 ×6
Matrix lateral raise 160

seated row 160
Diverging lat pulldown 135
Iso-lateral low row 180
Iso lateral high row 200

I really appreciate any advice. I am very new to this and come in with a humble desire to learn.

Thank You

My stats:
41 yrs old
5' 10"
Body fat % unsure I pretty fat. Endomorph
Trained in my twentys stopped in 2002. Have been training again for about a month.
Never used any anabolics before.
Fish oil, vitamin d, magnesium, calcium, zink, dhea (one weeks so far with dim, tribulis.

Diet: cycle keto intermittent fasting (skip breakfast). I try to stay away from processed carbs while I do fail sometimes. I eat meats, healthy fats, olive oil, coconut oil, butter, avocados and lots of greens. When i fail i tend to eat corn tortillas and rice and icecream.
i have posted a new thread 2 days ago and it is still not active about my 3rd cycle how much tym will it take to get posted here
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