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I have watched a few of your YouTube videos and I was curious to see if you can help me before I start this FIRST cycle? Of EQ, test, and deca , I’m I’m relatively good condition, 35 yrs. old. If you would be so kind as to let me know the dosage each time, how many times a week and what else I should be taking if anything else?

Look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.
what??? what on earth are you doing man.. i would not advise you on this IF YOU PAID ME... thats absurd for a first cycle, just ABSURD... your first cycle is TEST ONLY... this is ridiculous bro... you need to take like 100 steps back and stop trying to turn a marathon into a sprint...
Hey M. That is pretty absurd bro. You have to start from the basics. First cycle is test only. Grab some Test Cyp or Enan and pin 250-350mg per week for 12 weeks.
Let me know if you want to check out Robolics Labs.
It's always test only for a first cycle bro. Why don't you start by giving us your full stats, experience, and goals ?
I Just want to do it right the first time so this is why I’m asking people such as yourself so I don’t do this the wrong way.
Everyone thanks for taking the time to give me some insight
I’m 35 , 6’2, 238lbs , body fat I’m not sure. I don’t have a belly if that helps
Well, the biggest thing here is realizing that your first cycle doesn't have multiple compounds. It should be test only.

We really need to know your bodyfat to know if you're in the proper condition for steroid use.
also what are your bloods now? you need to do pre bloods mid bloods and post bloods.
My first questions would be what are your goals here? Are you just dabbling in AAS use as a curiosity? what are your expectations of a cycle?
post a pic for a guess at what your BF levels are and these guys are pretty damn good at that, also you can do a Bodpod test, caliper test, and a variation of many other tests that are somewhat accurate. the scales that tell you your body fat by standing on it is not very accurate
Im looking to put on size. I have a vision in my head that I have been trying to get to and it just hasn’t been what I’ve been looking for for the past few yrs. now. Any advice?
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