My 12 week competition 2018 before/after.

That's the way it is nowadays honestly bro. It's got bad. Politics are played in every me. Main reason I'm probably done competing. I now compete with myself daily which is really where the focus should be anyways.

Regardless of placing you looked on point bro. Well done
Looking brilliant! Let me ask, how do we get things from Pharma Lady? Curious for my next order...

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100mgs Prop eod
Approx 110mgs Tren eod/reduced to 75mgs later on
100mgs Mast eod

Cycled the clen. Started at 40mgs. Ended at 160mgs each cycle

Arimdex. .5-1 tab eod depending on how my tits looked...

HGH 3iu daily decided into 2 doses

Letrozole when shit got real.

Winstrol 50mgs Ed starting 3wk prior to stage

That's all the magic. Train hard. Diet the fuck down.

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That's nearly the EXACT protocol I ran for last years show. You look great bro. I agree though... get rid of the board shorts. You have a really balanced look from what I can tell and I bet you're around the weight cap for your height.
Good luck in the future bro! Check out my log if you're interested 2018 prep
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