Modafinil and Steroids


The title says it - can you take Modafinil while on steroids ? I heard different rumors - like it affects the benefits of steroids wich I feel it's bullshit.

The only side I can find about it is that in some cases Modafinil can raise a bit the blood pressure and also since it's a treatment anti-narcolepsy if you take it together with steroids like Tren ....then good luck sleeping :)) other than that ...what can someone tell me ? I do not have blood pressure problems even on Tren...I mean it goes up a bit but nothing over the top and I feel quite fine. I am asking because 100mg of Modafinil on a very hard day can really help out with apetite - I am on a deficit. I mean it works like a charm !! I don't know it's exact effect on apetite or maybe is the cause that it's a very potent nootropic that makes you focus more on your goals - and if your goal is the deficit maybe it helps psichologycally to do that... I don't know or care - I just know it works ! and whenever I have a very bad cravings day it helps out not to over-indulge in things. But I am curios about it's effects on steroids performance. THanks !
you want to limit the amount of drugs you are taking with or without steroids

will they interact? not really. what we know is that some drugs do inhibit your 'gains'
I am at a point where I sometimes need it but I do not want to inhibit gains. I did not find any research about it other than bro science and rumors. That's why I am asking ! I am either bad and searching or really there is no info about I am asking people with experience - Guess it's the right way to proceed when you can't find the info....
Not something I have taken but we often hear of things "inhibiting gains". They are so often overplayed. Like the idea that sex before training would inhibit gains, lol.
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