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Introducing myself

Billy Ray

New member
Firstly sorry if this is in wrong forum area. I'm struggling to navigate on my phone!

Been enjoying Dylan's and The 44's videos on YouTube and decided to sign up here.


Age 40
Height 6'1
Weight 98kg
Body fat % not sure
Years of training 18
Complete cycle history - recently started self prescribed trt 180mg test cyp. Also recently started first tren use and not suffering any sides so far. Experience with sarms, peptides, most AAS
Goals - get back into good shape, train more regularly
Supplements - RAD140
General idea of nutrition - live with a vegetarian so cooking is complicated!
Any other relevant info - 2 shoulder ops, don't bench anymore. Arthritis is lower back so squats are no longer feasible


Welcome to the forum bro... I'm Pharma Lady's rep if you need anything just give me a holla.