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Hey guys, I wanted to post my plans for my first cycle here. I'm looking to get some constructive criticism from experienced users and I have one question for experienced users as well. I've been looking around at steroids for 3 years now and I think it's time to act on all the knowledge I've gained. So I'll start off with body metrics...

BMI 25.9, BF% 15.3, LBM aprox128.8lbs BFM aprox23.2lbs BMR 1850

Now on Monday, September 21st, 2020 I plan to begin a cycle that's total time including PCT will be 3 months and 14 days long. It will consist of 250 mg of Test E, twice per week. Once on Monday and once on Tuesday for 10 weeks. Final pin will be on November 29th and I plan on waiting two weeks before beginning PCT. PCT will begin on December 13th and will consist of 50 mg of Clomid daily for 20 days for 3 weeks.
I also plan on getting blood tested before beginning and 2 weeks after PCT has been completed on January 4th 2021

I will train 6 days per week doing a push pull legs split twice I'm the week with light cardio training everyday. I have a meal prep plan lined out for 3300 calories per day and that will be a 40%P 35%C 25%F macro split. This diet will continue on until PCT is complete.

My question is about aromatase inhibitors. Some people say yes, use Arimidex or Nolvadex either every day or EOD. And some say no, you shouldn't need it. Either way, I want one of them on standby just in case, but I wanted to know from an experienced user if they took AI's on their first cycle? If not, would you have? Should I be planning to use them for my specific cycle? And if so which one?
Yes you 100% need an AI on cycle at 500mg/week test. I would go with aromasin. Nolva is not an AI.
nolvadex is an estrogen blocker, not an aromatase inhibitor... you want either aromasin or arimidex but with 500 mg of test, i would really use aromasin as opposed to arimidex but either is fine...
Also take your AI from day 1 dont wait to take it. The notion that you wait to "see if you have estrogen sides" is insane.

Yes healthy levels of estrogen are necessary in your body and you dont want to crush your E2 levels but at the same time if you let your estrogen get out of control and wait for sides to show you now are frantically trying to control your estrogen and bring it back into the healthy range which is not a good scenario.
Awesome thanks guys! So from all of you guys, it seems like Aromasin is what everyone likes. @RickRock said "Aromasin at 12.5mg eod..." and @awm said to take it from day one. Thanks again for your help guys.
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Yea aromasin is the best AI out there and the dose Rick gave is a great starting point but again you will want to run week 5 bloods to make sure its the right dosage for you.
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