Here We Go - Ballin2504 Cycle Log

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to keep up with this log like I had wanted to but my job as taken over. My days start at 3:30 so I can go to the gym and end about 9:30 at night when I’m putting the 3 little ones down for the night. As for my diet and training I have been keeping it pretty damn good especially with my long days. I keep everything packed with me so that I’m not tempted to grab fast food when out on the road. As for the cycle the tren is not being to rough on me. I can tell my aggression is up but I can control that and it’s not with my family it’s mostly people at work making stupid decisions. The night sweats are still a thing but the insomnia has subsided for the most part but I did get to experience the tren cough and all I can say is to hell with that lol the acne has been the worst thing for me it’s been pretty bad on my chest and back despite showering twice daily and using salicylic wash and tanning a couple times a week and using some amoxicillin. It’s not getting worse but it’s not healing very quickly. But anyways I feel like my muscles are becoming more full and the pumps in the gym are amazing with strength through the roof. It doesn’t feel like I get tired while working out to the point I wonder if I actually got a good workout in. The vascularity is the best it’s ever been I have new veins showing up daily it seems like. Below are some pictures this morning from the gym. Not sure my weight or bf% but I feel like the fat is coming off and I’m gaining lean muscle which is the goal for this cycle. But you all can be the judge. Thanks for reading everyoneDD7A3B54-0A92-40D1-A671-069B1FA9CCBF.jpegA0E4FA61-C4F4-4A23-8AAC-B4B02DF426EC.jpegB2742E08-C0E4-4251-B4E7-A652B316A353.jpegC7FFB110-4509-4E3C-8C79-FBCD8C462912.jpeg491B6CB8-F8F6-47C3-9CF8-A47EB23144BA.jpeg
Alright everyone I said I would run a log on this when I started, as this will be my first tren run I?d like to document how it treats me during this cycle.

A little bit about me and my history, I have trained on and off for quite a few years but got out of it for a while due to my job becoming very demanding but am in a position now where I have some freedom and can hit it hard. I got back into it in November of last year and got turned back around on the right path and have pushed harder than ever. I?ve ran about 5 cycles in the past with just a mixture of most compounds. Now for the good stuff as people say my cycle will be as below.

350 mg/wk Testosterone enanthate wk 1-16
600 mg/wk Equipoise wk 1-16
75 mg/eod Trenbolone Acetate wk 1-8
50 mg/ed proviron wk1-16
50 mg/ed Oxandrolone wk 9-16
20 mg/ed GW501516 wk 1 thru pct

Caber on hand if needed
AI on hand
Will also be running a cycle support the whole time

Will run full 6 wk pct possibly 8 week. Will follow the perfect PCT
Bloods will be checked pre mid and post cycle

I have already had my pre bloods checked and a couple moderators here have looked at them and everything looks great to start.

My job is still pretty demanding so I?m going to try to keep this updated a couple times a week with how everything is going and updated progress pictures. Any comments/questions are greatly appreciated and I hope I can help some people out with this log.

Will post starting pictures later today. And first pin will be tomorrow.
That's a beast cycle bro
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