Help with NPP and EQ side effects.

I am 20 years old

I still Suffer from erectile dysfunction, however, since i stopped the usage of NPP and EQ things have gotten some what better. I am able to get an erection sometimes but fail to maintain it. Also, my sperm count has lowered dramatically. Will the HCG and PCT bring things back to normal?

My cycle was:

EQ 600mg aweek
NPP 100mg eod
TEST E 400mg aweek
Aromasin 12.5 eod

Duration of this cycle was 2 months exact, however, i stopped the use of NPP after the first 6 weeks.
Have you had any blood work done? Sounds like you never really recovered from you last cycle, but only blood can tell the true story.

$54 for blood panel to tell you exactly what the issue is.
i took caber at .5 a week and i believe that wasn't enough. Also, im planning to go to a walk in clinic and doing a blood test. will the blood work results show the problem?

Last week i spoke to my family doctor and i quickly realized that she doesnt know shit about steroids and how to recover from them. she told me to just stop and everything will come back to normal and to take viagra in the meantime.
This right here is why we tell guys your age or close to it to not use steroids bro. U need to pct and come off and just live normal. Big muscles arnt worth this happening at ur age

Its ok. Later in life u can revisit it. But for right now get healthy. After your bloodtest you might need to go to a specialist. But get the bloods to see what the issue is then we can help you. Otherwise its just guessing and u dont need that right now

But, for the time being your dr is right viagra will fix that for now. Amd then figure out the cure

Ya. We really dont need to know what your free test is. We want one that shows the other values like lipids prolactin estrodial fsh etc

The only thing that leads me to believe that it isn't a prolactin issue is the fact that he ran NPP and it was quite a few weeks ago. It should have since cleared his system, and the negative effects should have started to dissipate. Again, we won't know for sure until he gets bloods.

Please keep us posted OP.
These are my blood test results. The doc said everything is normal but they are not because i still have zero sex drive at the age of 20.

Alkaline phosphatase- 61.
AST- 36.
ALT- 51
TSH- 1.56
LH- <1.
FSH- 2.
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