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What’s up guys, new to this forum. I am in need of some advice and opinions

age 21
6’1, 195-200 (fluctuates)
Been lifting for about 5 years, serious bodybuilding and training for about 3.
Bf%: not sure but last time I check was pretty low. I have a lot of lean muscle and almost no chub or excess fat.

I workout heavy 6 days a week
And eat about 6 meals a day minimum if I’m on schedule.

Gained solid muscle first three years of food. Just have reached this plataue at 200. Yes I know food is the best and most important factor. I just like that extra boost from gear.

A little background to gear. About 2 years ago I took my first cycle at 19. They guy who gave me the advice kinda messed me up and didn’t teach me or help me properly. I ran test E and eq 600mg for about 12 weeks and no pct (I know). He told me I didn’t need any. And he was my only source and he was huge so I listened. Lost all my gains. Nuts were small. Regret it but it is what it is. I cant go back, I don’t need to hear how stupid that was, I know. But I can’t change it. Fast forward about 4-5 months. I got on another test e and eq cycle for about 10 weeks, 600mg, and had to cut it short. However I waited the propoer time after the cycle and then ran clomid and nolva as pct. I felt my nuts are back to normal size, I don’t have a sperm count or anything but my body feels back to normal. I am looking to run another test e and eq cycle. Possibly just Test E. Probably 500 mg for about 10 weeks. Don’t wanna overdue or abuse it, I’ve already messed up. So I’m trying to be safe this time. Gonna follow up with nolva+clomid for pct. but should I be taking hcg on cycle as well? I wanna be safe as possible and keep my body healthy as possible while doing this. Not trying to mess up my hormones bad, so I wanna do the best pct protocol I can. Any suggestions, tweaks or advice? Plz help and give me suggestions. I don’t need people telling me how stupid I am or was. I know I’m young, I’m really not lookin for people talking smack, I need advice for people more edjucated than I am cuz my first source obviously didn’t help me very much. Greatly appreciated. Let me know. Thanks in advance.

Here’s the possible lay out

10 weeks
Test E 500 mg
Monday and Thursday 250mg shot
Maybe frontload the first week????


Clomid and nolva
50/50/50/50/25/25 20/20/20/20/20

Also, I’ve gone through the Lady in the past, for those of you who know her, but she hasn’t been responding lately. Any other solid plugs?
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noone with even the smallest fraction of a brain cell is going to advise you steroid use at 21 years old... there's nothing you are going to say or do to get anyone here to advice such nonsense bro... not happening... you do what you want... its your body but its not anything we do here... regardless of what you say or say you are going to do...
I take it u didn’t read all of it, I said many times I need advice not criticism

Ok first of all, there is no criticism so grow up... im not going to deal with cry baby shit ok. U dont tell people how to answer you either. I told u noone here is advising steroid use to anyone your age. If u think thats criticism them u were raised under a rock. Noone is advising u steroid use here. If u dont lime it then im sorry but we dont do that here. U do what u want. Noone here is your dad and u make ur own decisions man.

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My buddy is looking to get in. He’s 24 U think he’s safe?

No i dont man. Look im not being a dick bro, im trying to actually help you instead of letting completely fuck yourself. Theres always a few assholes out there that advise it to people way too young so im sure youll find one eventually but understand, they dont give two fucks about you. Good luck

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Totally with Dylan on this . Yes you fucked up and started too young and now you want to continue using AAS at a young age..........I don't see any bloods done in any of these cycles? My only advise is to get some bloods done see what damage you may have already caused and don't go near any AAS for along time.
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