Has anyone every used these sites or heard of them?


I guess the title says it all.

Anyone ever used these sites or heard of them?
They tend to have a good review online but that can be easily rigged so I'll always be a bit skeptical.

Looking forward to the input.
Nope... I recommend you use the trusted sources here on the forum.
You have 5 posts and you already asked for sources and how asking for these sources who not even sponsors here. Not the proper way to introduce yourself. Let us get to know you bro

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All you have to do is type them in google and see what their feedback is... I’ve never heard of either
Technically I didn't ask for a source I asked for opinions on the source. (Of which Dylan advised to do in one of his videos)
I think there's a slight difference.
For now I don't think my stats are too important as I'm not considering using anytime soon.
Just throwing some questions out there and learning about the forums.
What I'm gathering is that sources on here don't do international shipping so I have to find one that does for when I am ready. Hence the question in the first place.

Thank you for the feedback though, it's appreciated !
No you did ask for a source in another post. Seems odd to me that you are not going to use but asking for international shipping. If you did some more looking or search on this forum you can clearly see there are sources here which do ship internationally

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We do ask for stats. This is because this site is about the responsible use of AAS and your age, training history, diet, bf%, goals, and level of dedication are all variables to determine your best way forward....
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