hi everyone I’m 5 weeks into my d Bol decca test cycle. 350mg 30mg a week. Anastrozole .5 eod. I am seeing some gyno, what do you recommend.
what’s your test dose? deca dose?
This could be prolactin, you need to get bloodwork if you want proper advice… plus, my personal opinion is only aromasin should be ran with dbol, not an anastrozle
Bloods, aromasin or letro (as a last resort if estrogen is super high).

Like stated above you have deca which can cause prlactin issues but also can aromatize and convert to estrogen (at a much lower rate than test), test which aromatizes, and dbol which also aromatizes.

Def get bloods though in the meantime get aromasin or id say increase your arimidex dose to either .5mg ED or 1mg EOD.
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