Your information is outdated. Nolvadex is not an AI it's a SERM. You need an aromatase inhibitor such as Aromasin or Arimidex to control estrogen.

Post your proposed cycle, full stats and goals.
nolvadex is only going to prevent growth of gyno. You can definitely run it throughout your cycle but as cbbram said if you are running the proper ai support you shouldnt have to worry about it. Some people, like myself, are really gyno prone so my dosage and frequency is not the same as others.
True Nolvadex will block estrogen however it will not lower it.
I guess we should ask what your ai protocol is for on cycle if you have one. just nolva is not going to cut it for the reasons stated above. It's really good at preventing breast tissue growth but like i said before proper ai and you shouldn't really have to worry about it unless you have a unique case.
I don't like nolva for gyno prevention. Gives me a significant rebound effect once I stop the nolva. Use aromasin if you're gyno phrone.
nolvadex is NOT and i repeat NOT an ai... it will merely suppress it and it does do a good job of that but then when you stop, then what? it can just come right back etc.. its NOT an ai.. you need aromasin or ariimidex on cycle... nolva is something you would want to use in conjunction with an ai when you are using anadrol, being its not a true estrogen converting compound yet has the sides so an ai doesn't seem to do the job on its own and you would also use it with an ai in an anti gyno protocol but you never want to solely depend on it as your ai by itself...
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