GW501516/MK677 Questions


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Power endurance athlete here. My training consists of a lot of steady state volume with hard intervals twice 3x a week and weights twice a week. I do 2-3 sessions a day. I’ve been on a cycle of GW501516 for 4.5 weeks now to ramp up my steady state volume and build my aerobic base. It was my first experience with performance enhancers besides modafinil. I lost some fat as a result, but that wasn’t necessarily the main goal. Anyway, the limiting factor in my workouts has become my hips. The tendons will become very tight and painful, and I have to roll out on a lacrosse ball and ice every night so they don’t lock up on me right at the start of my next workout. I’ve been beating up my body pretty badly and I don’t want to risk injury, so I’m going to stop the cardarine and cut back the volume a bit for 2 weeks and let my body recover.

My first question is about the cardarine. If I want to use it for an acute performance boost over a single day (not a race, just to hammer out a massive day of volume once a week or so), would just taking it on that morning have an affect? Or would I need to take it for a couple days and let it build up in my system? I’m considering just taking it once a week in the future on an ongoing basis for a few months.

On to MK677, has anyone used this in power endurance sports? I’ve heard it increases growth hormone, and can help joints and tendons repair. So I think it could help my hips recover faster. I’ve also heard it can raise blood pressure though. I don’t need a huge performance boost right now as I’m only in training, but I need to recover faster so I can put in more volume and build up my base. If I go this route, I would do an 8 week cycle. I would probably add cardarine to the mix in the last 4 weeks of the cycle if it is going well.
using it one day would have zero effect whatsoever...

677 will not raise blood pressure whatsoever... it takes quite some time to actually start working... 8 weeks is pointless...
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