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If you are looking for good gear than you are on the right board because that's all we have here. You would do fine no matter what lab you with went from this site. I personally love Phurious Pharma and that's why I rep for Phurious. I've been a customer and used the products and have sent friends of mine to him. Now I'm proud to represent a lab I know and love. We always a deal or sale that we can get you in on and you also get me as your personal watchdog throughout the whole process. If you would like a price list just email me at [email protected] or PM me and we can talk on there if you have some questions first.

We are always here to help!

5 vials of my favorite snack..sus 300 for 150$ from phurious. My brother runs a seriously equiped chemistry reasearch lab and I had the sus analyzed. 31.6 % wt/voloume was the total of the isomers. So to easily put that back into our terms that would be 316mg/ml. Looks like I ripped him off! What a steal!
That was one sweet deal!!!

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I personally prefer the 10 ml btl from phurious, reason is I pull with a brand new 18 gauge needle every time, it fills the barrel faster then I put my 23 gauge on to push with and that keeps the chance of bacteria down. After sticking the stopper 10 x with a 18 gauge it gets wore out, so the 20 ml btl would take way to many jabs and could possibly have leakage.
Just my experience gang.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words. I do try my best to give the best. I know sometimes i mess up here or there. But i will always fix it for anyone.

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