First cycle Professional Althete NEED HELP

Look into sarms and just tweaking your diet will do wonders.

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You don't need steroids at all for what you are trying to do bro. That makes no sense at all to me. Sarms are a much better answer here for what you are trying to accomplish

(PM me for a price list for Biotech Labs and 10% discount)
Iwannagofaster can I start taking Gw and Sr9009 right now man anything I should know.
You can start it any time and yes the one thing that you should know is that you should get it here. SARMSX is the only brand I'd trust. I've been ripped off on SARMS before.

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im sorry but ANY athlete looking for an advantage is going to look to PED's for one reason or another.. sometimes its more suitable than others but there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with a motor sport athlete looking for enhancement.. im confused how thats an issue but its definitely not... there are just things that are far more suitable than others... however its definitely feasible... its just that certain compounds are not conducive in this situation...
Iwannagofaster can I start taking Gw and Sr9009 right now man anything I should know.

you can take them both RIGHT NOW... they are non suppressive and if your just using these two then no pct is required... you can run them 16 weeks at a time, take 2-3 weeks off and start them again... your going to fucking love this stack bro...

here is the link to purchase it...

1-16 sr9009 30 mg day... 5 mg split doses 2-3 hours apart
1-16 GW-510516 20 mg day… dosed all at once 30 minutes before workout and non workout days, all at once in the a.m.
thx Dylan can I stack that with low dose sust 100-150mg stopping the tren I need my cardio better not worse.
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