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Age: 32 y
Height 190 cm
Weight: 95 kg (a lot of muscle was kept from BB)
BF: 10 %

I have completed around five steroid cycles (stuff: test e/p, eq, tren, winny, EQ, masteron,... ), but nothing for the last 5 years.

I have been in endurance sports for the last 5 years. Before that, I trained in fitness for around 7-8 years...

Now, I run daily 15-20 km (trailrunning) + cycling + 3x / week full body workout. A lot of exercise (about 25 hours / week).

My goal is not to gain weight (muscle / water / fat), maybe a little reduced the percentage of fat (for 2%)

GOAL: better recovery after hard workouts, bone / joint health, better "feeling" / motivation, etc...

Doses will be lower compared to BB times....
Because I'm getting old/er:) and the recovery is getting a little worse, thinking in that direction....


TEST: 1:16 week (100-150 mg)
DECA: 1:16 week (150 mg)
EQ: 1:16 week (250 mg)
GW: 20 mg / day
SR9009: 20 mg / day

I would not add HGH or EPO...

clomid 50/50/50/25//25
nolva 40/40/40/20/20
OSTARINE 25 mg day (6 weeks)
GW 20 mg day

Aromasin on hand. Maybe add (during / after cycle).

Your opinions ?

Sorry for my english, I hope you understand me and thanks for the answers ;)

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That looks to like a good cycle for endurance. I would recommend Test Prop. You will find that you recover better with daily or every other day doses of Test. You may also find that you hold less water on NPP rather than Deca but either will do wonders for your joints. The EQ should have a positive effect on your hematocrit. Nothing will help your endurance performance like thicker blood(higher hematocrit). Obviously the GW and SR are perfectly suited to Endurance athletes. Best of luck with this cycle.
the cycle is fine but for endurance, i just dont see steroids as being necessary or of benefit whatsoever... this is coming from an endurance athlete... eq is "fine" for endurance but not even in the same league or breath as sarms like gw501516 and s4... the best endurance plan you could go with is gw, sr, rad140 and s4
Cycle looks fine to me for what you want to accomplish and the low dosages. Gw and SR are going to help you most with with endurance
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