DNP nowadays?


Anybody still use DNP occasionally? Unsure who I could still source it from and it’s one of those compounds I want to be sure of so, I need recommendations. Any help would be appreciated.
I don't think too many people here use DNP. Maybe a handful if that. You need to get with a coach or someone like that I don't recommend sourcing it on a forum.
it's not worth it bro , you can easily overdose on it and die's in the same category as insulin ...
It's worse than insulin. Kids take insulin every day and don't die. Stupid people die from abusing insulin and making mistakes. DNP is far worse.
This is just my opinion. I've never used DNP so I have no first hand experience.
I've tried it but found it the sides so unpleasant I gave up after a week. The other thing about DNP is because it depletes your glycogen etc for the first two or three days you don't experience any fat loss and as you also start to retain water which gives the impression your DNP is completely under dosed or fake, so you increase the dose.

You then find that you've taken too much DNP - it has an unusually long half life for an oral - and apart from losing all your strength (you dont have any glycogen in your muscles) you are sweating constantly and even struggling to breathe at times as your body needs a lot more oxygen to metabolise the fat.

I suggest that you accept the misery of cardio instead as it won't kill you and as soon as you stop all the unpleasant feelings go away whereas with DNP you'll feel uncomfortable 24 hours a day.
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