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DHT Questions


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Thank you for your help and prompt response Dylan. Few things I could really use clarification on if you are available to read over these, much appreciated. I am 29 years old and have been training for 10 years. I am contemplating on taking my skills to the next level. However, I cannot seem to find concrete data on these questions. I want to educate myself on each portion as much as I can. I have learned a lot watching hours of your channel. Thank you again for all your of your knowledge and sharing it with us all.

1. Can you please explain in depth the correlation between taking steroids and hair loss? Why does it happen to people who don’t use steroids, and for others can abuse hard drugs/alcohol with a full head of healthy hair? Is it solely based on genetic pre disposition and would happen eventually without the use of steroids? Completely puzzled by this. Is DHT the only factor associate with this? Or do you have to be sensitive when DHT attaches to the follicle.

2. Is there any tests/panels or specialist that can determine signs of hair loss?

3. Any specific blood panel test that I should be monitoring in relation to this and make adjustments?

4. Any vitamins / supplements you recommend for taking a proactive approach and improving hair health?

5. Does Ostarine and Cardinine sarms cause hair loss or elevated DHT. You mentioned this sarms stack on your PCT entertainment video, do you need a PCT for these sarms? Little confused about this step in the PCT

Thank you so much Dylan.

Many thanks from Toronto Ontario!


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if you are prone to mpb then more than likely you will have issues when using steroids when it comes to hair loss... if you are not prone to it then you likely wont have any issues at all.. no, sarms do not cause hair loss

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