Deca Test Anavar cycle. Pre load NPP Test Prop.

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Hi There,

Just looking at some advice on the best possible way to pre load my test and deca cycle with NPP and Test prop.
This is the last cycle I did. I got some good advice from Dylan Gemelli and was very happy with the last one.

1-14 test e 300 mg week (Wanting to front load this with Test prop)
1-14 deca 350 mg week (Wanting to front load this with NPP)
1-16 aromasin 12.5 mg eod
1-14 caber .25 mg e3d
1-14 Proviron 50mg ED
11-16 winstrol 50mg ED (Considering swapping for Anavar and running it a bit longer.. Thoughts???)

duration 6 weeks.
clomid 50/50/50/25/25/25
nolva 40/40/40/20/20/20
Mk2866 (not doing again
GW501516 (not doing again)
Organ ST
Post CT

This cycle was fantastic but it just took ages for the deca to kick in.
I found the sarms was a bit much towards the end i was quite happy to call it at the end.

Any advice here would be greatly appreciated.
Also I have a vial from two years ago that hasn't been pierced. Safe to use??
Cheers guys.
i cant help there because there is no reason whatsoever to pre load anything nor do i recommend such practice
If you don't have patience for long esters to kick in just run an 8 week cycle with short esters.
I do not buy into the concept of front loading with short esters and switching to long. Just run long esters and use an oral at the front with it or use short esters instead.
Well there you go, I have heard of a few people doing that I will pass on to them that it is unsafe.
I wont front load anything cheers,
I will look to do the same cycle as last time but swap the winstrol for anavar. (mindful of hair loss)
I would like to run a longer dose of anavar if it is safe to do so what is your recommendation here?
Also I have some unpierced deca and test vials from two years ago how is the shelf life like on these things generally?
The same person who said to front load said it will be fine so i thought i had better cross check with you guys.
Also Dylan for this particular stack do you have any advice for the duration of organ ST and Post CT? how many packets to buy? or just standard dose?

Thanks again for your your advice guys!
you should not use any oral aside from proviron longer than 6 weeks bro... i would run organ st as long as possible... post ct the last four weeks of your cycle and then during pct...
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