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    Deca Test Anavar cycle. Pre load NPP Test Prop.

    Hi There, Just looking at some advice on the best possible way to pre load my test and deca cycle with NPP and Test prop. This is the last cycle I did. I got some good advice from Dylan Gemelli and was very happy with the last one. 1-14 test e 300 mg week (Wanting to front load this with Test...
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    Sarms stack for lean mass

    I never use sarms or any compound before my bf is15%...i want to increas my muscle size without any kind of water retention.To participate in men physique contest to achive my goal....Suggest me a stack for lean mass with dosage!
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    Help on lgd cycle

    I have started my first LGD-4033 cycle at 10mgs ed from enhanced athlete , Its my first week of the cycle i had my gynecomastia surgery 3 years back it was due to my asthma medication. I see some puffiness in my right nipple . I wanted to know what i could do to stop it ? But i am scared of...
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    Problem ordering post ct

    As I clicked submit order on your website dganutrition I received a message “the VITAL identification numbers are incorrect. Call Merchant Service Provider.” I called the number and it went straight to a voicemail that is not yet set up. Please help I need to order some Post CT asap!!!!
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    Second cycle

    I have taken the advise and I'm glad to say all went well on my first cycle. Made great gains and I'm back to normal after my pct. Only issues I had were my back got acne pretty bad while on pct and after running pct for the 6 weeks I believe my hormones did get a bit out of whack. I got sick 3...
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    LGD4033 stack for lean bulk???

    Is this a good stack LGD with s4 and Gw for a lean bulk? Lgd 5-10mg daily morning S4 25mg 2x daily split dose Gw 20mg daily 30min before workout All ran for 12weeks I'm trying to built a stack for a lean bulk.. and currently have 2 bottles LGD4033 30ml/10mg. So I want to use the LGD but stack...
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    Deca, Test E, Winstrol cycle.

    Just spitballing ideas here for my next cycle guys and would like some input. I find it so difficult to find information on line that is consistent. So far Dylan Gemelli appears to be the most knowledgable person I have stumbled across so here I am. Age:27 weight 82kg lifting for 10 years. I...
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    Sarms Stack

    I am 22 years old, standing at 6 foot tall and 200 pounds with 20% body fat, I have about 40 pounds of fat on me. Last summer I was on strict routine of gym and healthy eating. I started cutting at 195 pounds with 19% body fat and 42% muscle and I stacked SR-9009, Yk11, and Ostarine for a 3...
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    Steroids withdraw

    Hi Dylan I fallow all your video and I did a cycle fallowing your recommend dosage, the Cycle was with deca,EQ,test E, aromasin and caber, and i Get excellent result, the problem was when I stop the cycle all my joint star to hurt every single one, and im getting muscle ache and extreme fatigue...
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    Trying to get fully educated

    Starting my first cycle. 250 of test a week, 25 a day on winstrol. 10 weeks. 40 a day on nolvadex. I want to know how much of ostarine and at what point to take it while on my last 6 weeks on winstrol. If any extra info would be appreciated. If I'm not right on what I'm planning on taking...
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    new guy introduction any advise appreciated

    hey new to the forum just seen the post about introducing yourself and the rules so hes a little about me and my goals and what I want to gain from being here. After more research and following dylan online iv chosen to step back from steroids for a few more years and let my body develop but I...
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    sarms bulking stack - expected gains

    how much size roughly am i expected to put on with this sarms stack excellent diet good routine and my training is also at 1255m above sea level (4117ft) all sarm's being order from sarm's x 12 week cycle LGD-4033 10 mg ED RAD-140 20 mg ED first 4 weeks 30 mg ED last 8 weeks MK-2866 25 mg...
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    problems with shipping sarms to British Columbia, Canada

    when ordering for sarm' has anyone ever had a problem with getting their samr's through the Canadian U.S border
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    sarms stack with Tbol

    hey Dylan what would be the pct protocol when stacking sarms with T bol LGD-4033 10 mg ED 12 weeks Rad-140 20mg ED 4 weeks 30 mg ED 8 weeks T bol 25 mg ED 1 week 50 mg ED 4 weeks T bol being run for the last 5 weeks of the cycle for PCT i was thinking of running clomid 50/50/25/25...
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    hey Dylan, the only goal i have now is loosing fat. I am now on S4, gw, sr9009 and YohimFlame. i just started this stack. i cant add anything to this cause thats my money limit. wouild u recommend me to replace anything instead of those next mounth when i order again ? or is this the best ...
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    Halo sir, im a big fan and i saw many videos of yours. High praise. I am a soccerplayer and i want to ask u if there is any cutting stack (serms or steroids...?) that i can take while plying with my soccerteam ? cause i heard that it can be dangerous and hard to sprint or run while im on a stack...
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    Tbol first cycle help

    I need help on my first cycle. I would like to know if I can take tbol with proviron as a cycle. Along with a liver care. I am new at this and would appreciate any help. I am 28 years old 6'2 240. I am muscular and in great shape. I am looking to build lean muscle and keep from bloating. I would...
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