deca dick problem


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hi dylan

thanks in advance for taking time to read my question and answer it.

8 years ago i was stupid i used test enanthate 250 and deca 50 without protection and no PCT
now i have that issue my libido and erection is not stable sometimes is two crazy high i can't endure it and somtimes too low is embarrassing me.

is this because of the prolactin levels too high or testosterone too low and what to do to balance this two hormones to a normal level

sorry for my english i'm for algeria.


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bro, unfortunately, amongst my capabilities, being a psychic is not one of them.. HOW ON THE PLANET EARTH would ANY HUMAN know that answer without bloodwork to show?? that could be so many different reasons... come on man


EIGHT years ago. And you think Dylan the magical forum fairy will be able to cast a spell in his reply and fix all that ails you? Come on man x2.


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Could be many things and we would all be speculating without blood work. Go get a complete blood work test including estrogen and prolactin levels. Come back and post results.


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Go get some bloodwork done and get back to us with numbers. That's the only way we can help you


Maybe its me but fluctuating hormones? Usually if damaged by steroids wouldn't u just be limp not raging one minute then not so much next... That sounds like life... . Thats normal lol.. Sometimes im raging horny other times ehh not much but i had a issue first cycle on deca gave me deca dick i was losing my mind thinking i was permanently damaged and never able to be erect and going strong like b4...then after cycle ended for months i thought i was still affected by it but in time i realized i was over thinking it and just letting my thoughts affect my hard on the more time passed n i had moments raging hard while realizing it was when i basically forgot to dwell on the fact i couldn't well... thats when i could! Eventually i realize its just a affect id have on cycle with deca no big deal now ive ran cycles again same issue weak sex drive not really horny on cycle but after being over the panic and fear of it after cycle id bounce right back like a beast so if it aint that u need to get blood work its you need to try to mentally beat ii cuz if at times ur raging and so horny it hard to endure well brother ur dick works! Lol and also ive been educated here that adding arimidex and caber to a deca cycle will even have me still raging on cycle so doing that next cycle too.. May not even be a issue at all then... But maybe its mental maybe blood work is needed... Who knows
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