cycle with testosterone, Boldenone and Tren


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I discoverd your youtube account today. First of all, i want to thank you.
I watched almost everything and it left me wondering about some things.
Imagine a cycle with testosterone, Boldenone and Tren.
How long can you use each steroid?
For example:
Week 1-16: 250mg testosterone
Week 1-16: 750mg boldenone
Week 1-10: 200mg Tren

Is this possible?
You said Boldenone needs more time and you need to patient. So how long do you need to use it?
And what's the maximum amount of weeks to use Testosterone?

Keep posting the video's
We can't help you without your full stats experience and goals. What you've proposed is a very advanced cycle for advanced users, and it sounds like you don't know how to properly run anything.
I posted about a similar stack the other day. If you haven't done this before you got the wrong stack. You should run a test only stack, see how that works out.
thats impossible for me to answer when you literally give me nothing to work with... i dont know your cycle history, your goals? your workout history? stats??? age/height/weight/body fat... you cannot expect any sort of valid answer when you give me nothing to work with…
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