Cycle vs blast/cruise


Hey guys,

I’ve read some mixed reviews on this subject so thought I’d ask you experts. I’m coming off a 12 week cycle of test E @ 500mg per week and last 4 weeks @ 60mg per day of anavar. My intention is to run my standard pct then run a sarm bridge. I’ve been reading some reviews on just going down to a trt does around 120mg per week of test for 12 weeks than back on a full cycle. Is this a mistake? Or is it prefers to run my pct and reset properly? I’m 33, lifting steady for 6 years, appx 12% bf. I don’t intend to stay on test permanently yet, so if I run one trt cycle before my next would that drastically effect coming clean off after the next cycle? Thanks as always for your awesome knowledge!
If you don't qualify for TRT you PCT bro. If you don't plan on staying on Testosterone for the rest of your life don't blast and cruise because that's what will happen.

Blast and cruise is for people that are on TRT for life.
Yeah I’m seeing some other posts on here stating same thing. Answers my questions! Thanks everyone pct it is!
if you dont need trt medically then honestly, thats just about as moronic as the person giving that type of meathead bull shit advice
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