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Cycle Question


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I?ve been running a LGD cycle for about 11 weeks. I?m in a bit of a sticky spot. Around week 8-9 I got a minor injury that prevented me from training upper body often. I decided to keep the cycle on going in hope I would heal before the 12 week mark. I?m back to 100% now and I?m wondering is I should cut my cycle since it?s been 12 weeks or if I can push it to 16 ish weeks in hopes of milking a little extra before i get on Pct. I kind of feel like it would be a waste if a good cycle since I got hurt when it started to peak in my system, so I?m want to kind of push it past the 12 week mark and try and get something more out of it but I don?t know if it will just be diminished gains, or if I would make gains since I would be training much more intensely since I?m back to 100%?

Note: this is not my first cycle I have successful 2 cycles under my belt, but I also am nowhere near my genetic potential as I train more for strength/performance than pure size, so I have room to make gains.


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i mean, you can do whatever you want but i certainly dont recommend something like lgd more than 12 weeks...


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No need to push it. The small amount of results you would see from extending the cycle do not warrant doing it. Just finish up and plan your next cycle.