Approved Log Cycle #2: LGD3303

Starting next cycle on Monday, July 10.
Bloods from after PCT from last cycle came out good. Test was in 1000, estrogen was low 10s, kidneys liver, everything good. Cholesterol and triglycerides good. All normal ranges.

Ready to start next one

12 week Cycle:
20mg Lgd3303 per day split AM/PM
20mg GW in AM
50mg Proviron per day

Last 12 week cycle of rad140/mk2866/gw/proviron got great results... here is link to that cycle thread


What should I expect from lgd3303?
interested in seeing how this turns out
Thanks for the support

These are precycle pics taken after today's workout...still maintained some gains from last cycle but looking for size and strength and dry vascular look with this next one

13% BF

Got a lil fluffier around waist during PCT since diet sucked last 3-4 weeks

Gunna hit it hard with full body workouts 5 days per week with an emphasis on a major body part each day and eat on a deficit to get below 12% the up calories then. LFG!!!
You are killing it
After 5 days of cycle. Feeling good especially with Proviron. LFG!


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Starring to see a little difference on physique.

BW: 200lbs
BF: 13%

Diet has been off so haven't lost much but have maintained so far.

However been noticing some strength gains on both compound and isolation exercises.

Going to increase proviron from 50mg to 60 MG per day since new batch I got are 20 20mg tabs..

Vascularity in arms and body coming back...



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