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Cruise on Test and EQ?


Hey all, does anyone have any insight on cruising with low doses of test(150) + eq? As a competitive powerlifter, I've had excellent results with EQ on a blast. During my cruises I just stick to test at 150, my bloodwork has been positive.

Stats - 5''10, 225lbs, 13% bf.
Blood pressure usually at 120/77.

My last blast was test 400, EQ 800.

I was wondering if it was worth doing a low dose of EQ to help maintain my strength between blasts. I give blood every 2 months regardless (whether on blast or cruise) so high RBC is taken care of from there.

and FYI, I do have a history of cycling, mostly just test, eq and orals. I follow all of Dylan's advice in his videos and forums (before anyone gets on me about cycle history etc..). I take the approach getting the most out of the least gear possible.

Any advice or insight would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


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i dont recommend cruising on anything but test... thats up to you if you want to go that route but i dont think its wise to stay on other compounds, even at low doses, for extended periods of time


You can cruise on whatever you want but it will just make it harder to achieve gains when it's time for a blast. I used to cruise on 150/150 Test Deca and really enjoyed it. Now I just cruise on Test, SARMS, and HGH.


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I would not recommend cruising on EQ as well, for the same reasons already stated.


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Watch your RBC count even on low dose EQ. I wouldn’t cruise on that personally but I’ve done a 12 week low dose cycle of 250mg Test Cyp and 300mg EQ and my RBC was through the roof at the 11 week mark which surprised me on such a low dose aswell as giving blood


Thank you for the insight gents. I will continue to keep it simple. Sarms during a cruise are great, so maybe I'll re up my stock :)