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Cross fit or Cross fail?

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I love gymnast work. Those people are freaks. I train on rings a lot now. Really killer workouts.

I wouldnt underestimate a gymnast for one second, these mother fuckers can probably whoop some major ass their endurance and strength is ridiculous. RESPECT for all forms of fitness is how i see it

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I used to box, gym closed down but damn,, serious workout
Here is the deal bro.I did crossfit when boxing season would be over.There are a million versions of it.BUT try skipping rope for just 30 seconds. Not easy right? So I did 4 sets of 3 minutes. Now try slamming on a heavy bag for 30 seconds. Not easy...I did 4 sets of 3 minutes.Sprints 100's, 200's. If you do it correctly you will be in the best shape of your life. It is kind of like saying basketball players are skinny and not in as good of shape as you are. So who was in better shape..Lebron James or arnold? is what you like. Most on this board like to be big with big muscles, but don't think gymnasts are not in shape. Ever watch American Ninja Warrior? Think they are in shape...for sure


You can join your very own crossfit clan right now!!!!!
Just for only $120 a month!!!

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When I learned it was a class and not a membership I built my own course in my yard and bought a used squat rack.
Ive had students and clients ever since.


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dude i can definitely second the jump rope. ive done jump rope before and it is some SICK cardio, VERY hard
I remember when I was younger doing jump rope like it was nothing. Now I start getting winded after about 10 jumps. Getting old sucks. Lol

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