converting syringe units to ml


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confused on how much bacteriostatic water to draw in a 3/10 mL, 30 unit syringe to reconstitute 5mg bpc-157....using the peptide calculator i've got this so far.

dosage of bpc-157 is going to be 250mcg

want to reconstitute 2mL of BAC water into the 5mg vial of bpc-157

that would give me 5gm bpc-157 / 250mcg = 20 total injections

20 total injections with 2mL of BPC/BAC mix is 10 units on the 30 unit syringe

I'm confused how to calculate 2mL on the 3/10 mL syringe to draw out from the 30mL vial of BAC to reconstitute bpc many units is that?

thanks for any guidance
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