Considering SARMS for the first time.


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Age: 27
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 230 pounds
Body fat %: Roughly 25%
Years of training: I’ve been lifting off and on for 10 years.
Complete cycle history (compounds, doses, lengths of time, when they were run)
PCT for each cycle: I’ve never used any anabolics before.
Goals: Cutting BF%
Currently taking: Creatine HCL and Pre-workout.

I'm coming off of a neck injury from a car wreck that hasn't allowed much physical activity for the past 2 1/2 years. Before the injury I was at 200 lbs. Roughly 10-12 BF%. Since the injury and no activity combined with terrible diet due to no activity, I've put on quite a bit of unwanted BF. I can now work out, unrestricted, and do so 4x a week. I am currently on a Keto diet as that has worked well in the past for me. 1900 Calories, 137g Protein, 143g of Fat, and 20-25g of Carbs.

My sole intention here is to aid in the cutting process. After doing some reading I am considering Ostarine at 25mg daily. I don't really want to stack multiple SARMS at this point, maybe another time. I have a vacation coming up in 6 weeks and I understand that most of these SARMS don't really peak until week 8. Would I still at least see some benefit before then?

Things I am considering:
1) Least likelihood of Side-effects.
2) Effectiveness in cutting.
3) Is this possible with a tablet form.
4) Reliable place to buy from.

If you guys have any comments on Ostarine or different suggestions/advice, I would highly appreciate it.

Thank you
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no point in only running 6 weeks so just stop there before you even start... mk is perfect to help from healing but if you want cutting, thats not the best option and at 25% body fat, you need to cut.. you need to just wait until you can run a proper cycle and can address the things you need to address...