They have taken a major swing down the past year or so... the quality has drastically gone down and now they have gone so far as to completely copy the nootropic lineup that umbrella has in an attempt to stay relevant.. they have loaded the internet with fake review sites, spent countless dollars pushing fake reviews everywhere and now have lost the quality they once had... they are a disgrace IMO
This is one of the most disappointing companies I have ever encountered for a multitude of reasons. The obvious is the fake review sites. Once Dylan showed us how it worked and to the extent at which it was occurring, I was extremely disgusted and so disappointed. The quality is another issue, as myself and several of my work out partners all tried them a few years back and all of us were so disappointed with the lack of results and quality. I would never recommend them to anyone
No!! Only use our forum approved sponsored sources like and umbrella labs! They are trusted for a reason!
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