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Cardarine, GW For Recomp?


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Hey everyone,
hope corona isn't hitting everyone too hard and that your all well, i'm new to bodybuilding forums but have done a fair bit of research with articles, youtube, etc.

Here are my stats :
15 yrs old
height : 6"2
weight: 160 pounds or around 73kg
BF% : between 9-11 , ive had a body scan which came up as nine but I don't trust them, I can tell im very lean, 8 pack very visible, high vascularity.

I really don't want to get into sarms yet, i've spent a year refining my training program and working on my form and I want to get bigger, but I model (you'd think they would help you but no) so I can't really gain body fat.
Also because I am a teenager I though about a few things, I really don't want to use suppressive anything because of all the things regarding hormones getting ****ed , I was considering running ostarine but though better of it. I have weirdly broad shoulders and a weirdly skinny waist, i've never had a hard time putting on muscle but I didn't really train that much before.

I just though that basically, I could supplement the gains made from sarms with the high test, relatively newbie gains you make as a teen, but lose body fat while gaining muscle with the help of Cardarine.

My nutrition is pretty much down, I eat really clean.

So my question to people who have read this,
Does ostarine really **** you up as a teen, or can I squeeze by with a pct after?
I know I haven't reached my genetic limit of muscle and I should just continue to eat clean and train hard, but can I use Cardarine to help?

Thanks very much if you read this, id be so grateful for any advice !


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I mean cardarine will help with cardio but you are already really lean so I dont see the purpose? Better spending the money on a trainer, better food/supplements, some home equipment, etc.


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I mean cardarine will help with cardio but you are already really lean so I dont see the purpose? Better spending the money on a trainer, better food/supplements, some home equipment, etc.

yeah thats probably a good idea, Im probably siting at around 11% tbh, and I need to get hollower cheeks im not gonna lie, so thats why I wanted to drop fat but I probably only need to drop 2-3%.
thanks so much for the advice! :)


Way too young build a strong foundation first before even considering peds, you should be thinking long term


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Diet and cardio are king for your goals.
I agree Peds at your age are no good.
It is awesome that at your age you are already thinking about your goals and taking care of the body. Remember you have to trial and error to figure out what works for you. We are all different. We all lead different life?s. This means what works for one doesn?t always work for others. You have to figure out what works for you. Consistency in your diet is important. Starving your self is always un healthy. Eating correctly is the only way to see success for your goals. When I say Diet is king. I am not talking about dieting.
I mean creating good eating habits and finding a eating way of life that is sustainable is king. Find foods that work and you enjoy and then it easier. Find substitutes for the thing you crave but shouldn?t eat. Your mind is a strong strong strong muscle. Use it to conquer your goals.
Good luck


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As the others have said, diet and cardio will be key for you right now. No reason to mess around with PEDs at all yet, as your body is still developing and you don't want to cause any issues with that.


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come on man. 15 years old!

the best thing you can do right now is get on a smart, efficient training program. and try your best to eat good quality whole foods vs. what your peers do eating fast food and packaged/boxed crap


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At your age all you need is food. Don't mess with your hormones you will regret it for the rest of your life.


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You are years away from even using sarms bro. Work on nutrition and dialing your training in