Bulge of muscle popped out of my tibia / shin

A few months back, approimately 4, I ran MK677 @20mg a day and after a month a bulge started to pop out of my left "tibia" or shin.
When I "caress" the skin and touch that area I also feel a nerve going all the way down, almost to my foot, and it runs up to my knee...
I feel like my tibial muscles outgrew my "bone structure" too fast, and now depending on the position I take I have a bulge of muscle, fat, or even some nerve coming out of the lower part of my left shin, a little above my ankle...

Could it be carpal tunnel syndrom?
if it hurts get it checked out
Its possible you have a facial tear and the muscle pops out nothing you can do.
A fascia tear! Yeah that makes a lot of sense I think you have identified it.
I can't imagine they're gonna patch it up or something lol... So yeah, I don't think they is anything to do...

if it hurts get it checked out
It doesn't, they is just some nerve rolling around and I feel it in certain position, but it doesn't though

Ok thanks guys
I have to say that my calves grew so much the past 3 - 4 years.
I always used to be that guy with dominant thighs, but with knock-knees and my calves weren't muscular at all. I also have flat feet, but time after time, and with the add of Peds for the past two years, my calves grew, and now they even have a couple of veins on them. But they didn't grow just at the calf muscle, but also at the soleus muscle.
I've hit them very regularly since summer of 2021, and now my calves don't look ridiculous anymore at all, on the contrary, they start to catch up with my overall muscular development and I'm real happy of that.
However I have flat feet, and a bone grew on the inner side of my feet because of the bad weight distribution since I was 11-12-ish year old, playing tennis... Man this was painful! I can remember that in the summer during competitions the "bone" swell up and grew...

Anyways it's just to say that my "feet" & ankle "structure" isn't the most solid to begin with. I'm 6'2 and wear shoes size 13, my ankles however used to be so thin, and now with the frequent calf training and the combination with peds my calf and soleus muscle "outgrew" my small fragile ankles.
Actually I'm able to stand much more comfortably on my feet than in the past, but as I have explained you guys in this topic, I have this bunion of nerves sticking out slightly now.
Bunion of nerves, facial tear, bulge of muscle sticking out, whatever it is exactly, I realize there probably doesn't exist a procedure to stick the bump back in my leg.

It definitely came from using Ped's and training my calves hard.
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