Body fat percentage


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What BFP range should you be in for a50 yo male to use this sarm stack?
I know GW doesn’t really matter. I just have my BFP done on a 3 scanner. I’m a bit disappointed.
The answer will always be the lower the better
So, if my goal is to be lean and ripped like most of want to be. Should I drop my BFP first? or bulk up with the stack and then cut? I’ve been trying to recomp and I find it very hard to achieve.
its always good to get into top shape before you start your cycle regardless. you can use sarms at any body fat though
SARMs won't cause the side effects we worry about at a higher body fat like steroids do. You can certainly run them but just tailor your cycle to your goal of dropping fat.
you certainly wouldnt want to bulk up first at all if that is the goal.. that nonsensical to do...
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