Blood Results - Next steps?


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Hey guys, I recently got my bloods back and am wondering what I can do to get them back to optimal levels or if this is just the nature of the beast of steroids.

I am now 6 weeks in to a lower-dosage cycle, which I want to run until December (~22 weeks), with the goal being to re-comp for summer and a photoshoot with the GF.

I got these bloods done at the start of week 5.

I am running 375mg/week of Test-E, and I also front-loaded with Ostarine 30mg/day, RAD140 20mg/day and YK-11 15mg/day for the first month.

I am 33, been training for almost 15 years and this is my third cycle using test. Weighing in at 85kg (187lbs), around 14% Body fat. Training 5 days a week and also do 20 mins of cardio 4 times a week with 2 days on top of that where I'll rack up atleast 25k steps at work.

Most of the blood test was good, except a few things:

My Estradiol is now up to 236pmol/L (up from <100)
HDL is 0.8 mmol/L
LDL is 3.4 mmol/L
AST is 46U/L (up from 25)
ALT is 88U/L (up from 25)
My FSH and LSH is <1, Free Test is 2000 (Which is understandable).

Everything else was is the optimal ranges.

I am adding in 2mg of Arimidex a week (only have 1mg caps, so taking one every time I inject test, which is Mondays and Thursdays).
I have also started taking Liv52 to support my liver a bit.

I don't feel estrogenic, but I feel like I might be holding a bit of water. I have never felt any gyno or anything else - I tend to just look like a water balloon with zits on higher dosages of test.
Gains have been quite good - nothing too big weight wise but am looking fuller and starting to get leaner.

My diet is quite clean. I am currently on a higher-fat diet with very limited carbs (not exactly keto) as its worked well for me in the past and got my bodyfat down quite comfortably on my last natural competition. Heaps of greens, vegetables, good fats etc.

Would love some insights on recommended dosing on Arimidex, and what I can do to get my HDL/LDL and Liver in better shape.

Thanks guys! Hopefully I have shared enough to give you an accurate picture
you need aromasin, not armidex and with your estrogen that high, you need to dose it higher..

here's the big problem... test alone would not raise your alt so high and mess up your cholesterol... you dont have real sarms.. you are getting all sorts of pro hormone related side effects... where did you get them??

i would go with 12.5 mg every day for at least two weeks with aromasin and you need to get dga organ st for your cholesterol and alt and stop the fake sarms now...
Hey Dylan - Cheers man. Are there any alternatives to Organ ST? I can't get it in Australia from what I can see.

Got the SARMS off a guy I've bought a lot from before. Never did any bloods, so not sure if they were any good, but the results I got were alright. I dare say it was the SARMS that has been messing with me, so will be good to see my bloods in a few weeks as i've just been on Test-E.

I'll source some Aromasim, but it'll take some time to get to me. Do you have a recommended dosage for Arimidex in the meantime?
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