Big Steve show prep VICON official log.


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First pin tonight running Test Cyp, EQ, Tren Ace, and mast E. Winny last 6 weeks.

Tren Ace: 350mg per week (I wanted 600mg... I know don’t bother telling me it’s suicide but I’ve run higher) may fluctuate later on but 350 was the dose my coach recommended.

Eq: 600mg per week

Test Cyp: 350mg per week

Mast E: 350mg per week.

Let me just say this is coaches orders. I don’t agree with all the doses and I may alter them a bit based on my own discretion and progress. I’ll admit i typically have a tendency to go overboard. I will be honest and say sometimes the amounts I use are dangerous but I’m not looking for advice on my health, the consequences are all going to be on me at the end of the day regardless. But for the mean time I’m gonna trust the process because he’s been doing this longer than I have and isn’t a pro for no reason.

There are other things I will be using that arnt VICON related that will be introduced in the cycle are simply needs that can’t be fulfilled by VICON that are necessary for prep such as clen and letro.They will be axio/EU products. I will be able to validate VICON gear based on the cycle overall because you can’t really argue with the results from a compound like tren, everything else that is not VICON is simply just added for detailing towards the end to dry out. (Can’t beat letro for pulling out that last bit of water). I intend to use axio/EU products to compensate and aid in my prep for things not offered by VICON. The gear itself will shine on its own, the things I add will have no effect on the effectiveness of VICON. Pretty easy to tell if something as powerful as tren is legitimate pretty quickly based on the intensity of the sides. After all this is a cycle that was offered with the intent to confirm that VICON gear is g2g and worth using. I’ve never had doubts to begin with based on the great people who gave me this opportunity in the first place as well as the trust and respect I have for them in general. Anything I may need that can be obtained from VICON for this prep for any further needs will be if it’s offered by VICON to keep up my end of the deal being a “test subject” for the lab the best I can. The things that aren’t VICON are simply because it’s not currently offered and being a competitor I still have to follow a certain protocol to bring my best package to the stage. I will say that I use this source religiously and am always satisfied.

Clenbuterol(on and off every 2 weeks throughout the cycle), halo, and letro at the very end. I will also have to switch to test prop the last 4-6 weeks but I intend on using VICON for this as I feel it’s only fair being the base of the cycle and the point of this log is to in fact verify that VICON gear is the shit. (I’ve never had doubt from the beginning of this agreement because I’ve been working with IWGF for years and I’ve never ever once had an issue. This is someone I genuinely trust would not put me in harms way or bullshit me period. You will not find a source this solid anywhere else and that’s a fuckin fact. I will never use anyone else as long as they’re around. )THIS IS A COMPETITION PREP CYCLE!!!!

Now as for the first injection. Very smooth, zero pain. That’s all i can say for now. Stay tuned...
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Starting stats:

Height: 6’2
Weight: 212 lbs (up from 182 at my last competition in May. I did run an increased dose of test and 6 weeks of drol afterwards)
Body fat: roughly 10-12% as caliperas are not 100% accurate usually roughly 3-5% off

I am also starting my diet same day as cycle Saturday the 18th of August exactly 12 weeks out. Here’s my current shape

Last competition shape:

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you look great bro. proud that you are using our products. Vicon is added to our selection and it is very well priced. you guys can hit me up for a list of all our brands and products. we got it all!
Keep us up with the progress photos. Glad you are going for this show. It'll be exciting to see. I know how much you love competing. You're lucky, your girl is behind you 100%. It helps so much when your significant other is all in with your dreams.

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Master shedder... You put in hard work big dog.. and it shows. Following along.

I must say, Their labels are nice looking. Very professional

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Ok I’ll post a pic tomorrow intra workout birthday workout tomorrow, one of my favorites lol. It’s going well I’m gonna go ahead and say the tren is def g2g starting to sweat extremely hardcore no matter what I do. Not very lethargic yet but I’m seeing slightly more vascularity creeping up along with the sweats. Progress photos will be up tomorrow.

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Not much of a difference yet. Still a little over 10 weeks out. Down about 3 lbs and it hasn’t been long enough to get the full benefits of the gear yet so I will keep posting pics throughout the cycle.

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Looking good so far. It looks like you put on a little size and water. Probably a good idea this far out.

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