Atlas pharma hgh

I have no experience with that particular brand, however PharmaComStore carries a wide range of verified and legit brands of hgh including pharma grade. You can check out the selection here:

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PM for link to order
And it’s a fuckin peice of shit stay away from that garbage. First time in changmai that’s what I had access to was doing like 8 iu to 10
Iu a day lmao what a joke I think if it’s hgh maybe there’s 1 iu per 10
Iu vial cus I’m on legit stuff atm and if I did 10 iu the sides would be fuckin unbearable I was taking 10 iu training and fighting and taking 500mg of atlas test it was so underdosed probly 150 test 1 iu hgh LOL garbage don’t waste ur money
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