Aromasin for High Estradiol


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So I've been natty for a little while now, no cycle of anything but I've noticed some symptoms of high estrogen. I got a blood test done for free and total test and estradiol. Results are: Free Test 86.2 pgml (range 46-224 pgml), Total Test 760 ngdl (range 250-827), Estradiol 55 pgml (range <= 39)

My question is could I just use a little aromasin to lower this level of estradiol down? If so how much should I use and for how long? Free test is a little on the low side as well, not sure why that is... Thanks
I wouldn't start messing with AIs like that. You risk slamming estrogen and you will feel like absolute shit. Do you drink alcohol often? That can really impact estrogen.
what is your diet like? you can take the supplement DIM (3,3'-Diindolylmethane) which will likely give you the help you need...
Your levels look good man other then the estrogen being a little high. Like Dylan said DIM might help I recommend it to Nattys if they need it. Also as stated above alcohol raises estrogen especially Beer. I would stay away from aromosin if your natty not worth crashing yourself and feeling like garbage.

Obviously if you want to stay natty then don?t do this but Proviron will raise your free test levels and I believe it mildly helps control estrogen. That?s just an option Proviron is very mild and honestly o don?t consider it to even be a Steroid lol
I appreciate the input fellas. I?ll keep it natty for now and look into cleaning up the diet a little more and and I?ll give dim a shot
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