Any Educated Guess on these orals

Shunka Witko


So one of my good friends ended up kicking this guy out of her house. He left this behind. Fortunately for me I get the vials, but I don't have a clue what the orals might be. I'll probably end up trashing them, but was just curious if anyone had an educated guess as to what they are. Thanks!
Hard to tell bro. If they arent labelled they could be anything. I would guess dbol just due to the color it seems to be a standard I have seen.
no clue, could be anything , but if i HAD to guess, based on the color i’d say dianabol, but don’t quote or trust me on that at all.
I’d say dbol as well as they are typically pink at pharmacy grade level but don’t quote me on that

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I like the idea of testing it. If it’s good then you lucked out and if it isn’t then you didn’t waste your time on bad gear.

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