AI - Aromasin or?


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Hey bro, I was actually wondering if there was a way to test aromatase inhibitors like testing AAS’s. Im taking 1 mg arimedex a day and I feel like that should be too much but I feel great. No bloating, no acne or high bp. I haven’t crashed my estro. My gym sessions are all great and intesne and im sleeping and eating good. Maybe its just the way my body is like you said some people are different. Maybe i need more than the next guy. Im at 600 test e and 350 deca so that may be why i meed more. Anyway, just seeing what you thought. I am a subscriber on your channel and I love it.


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The only and best way is to wait until you are about 6 weeks into your cycle and get blood work taken. That will tell you if your test and ai are both working. This is something you should do anyway. Even though you don't have symptoms you could still have high e2 and other issues going on.


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its really all through bloodwork.. you need to do pre, mid and post cycle bloods and that will give you an accurate understanding of how things are working for you bro